GK Questions for SSC And UPSC With Answer – SET 80

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Q1.What was founded in the UK 1694 because of war with France

Answer: Bank of England

Q2.Where would you find an Oculus

Answer: Dome central opening

Q3.Which American state drinks the most alcohol per person

Answer: Nevada

Q4.Who created Gomez, Mortia and Uncle Fester as a cartoon

Answer: Charles Adams

Q5.What does Magna Carta literally mean

Answer:Great Charter

Q6.In which US state is its highest mountain

Answer: Alaska – Mount McKinley

Q7.Which European city has the tomb of the three wise men

Answer: Cologne

Q8.What cartoon characters catchphrase was “Exit stage left”

Answer: Snagglepuss

Q9.Who owned and lived in the castle Joyous Guard

Answer: Lancelot

Q10.In Greek mythology who was the son of Hypnos God of sleep

Answer: Morphious – God of dreams

Q11.Mageiricophobia is the fear of what

Answer: Cooking

Q12.Who built the worlds first film studio

Answer: Thomas Alva Edison

Q13.The word nylon is made up from what

Answer: New York – London

Q14.What was patented in 1954 – the best thing?

Answer: Sliced bread

Q15.20% of women first look at a mans what

Answer: Butt not face

Q16.In Japan Trade Unions collect dues from what unusual source

Answer: Robots in factories pay dues

Q17.A female pigeon cannot lay an egg unless she sees what

Answer: Another pigeon – or reflection

Q18.In the 18th century offensive what were whipped

Answer: Books

Q19.Americans use 16000 tons of what each year

Answer: Aspirin

Q20.In Holland it used to take four years to train as what

Answer: Hat maker – surgeon only 3 years

Q21.Which American state has the longest borders with Canada

Answer: Montana

Q22.In the USA the government says its a crime to give false what

Answer: Weather Reports

Q23.In New York its illegal to teach your parrot to do what


Q24.Which country invented the kilt

Answer: France

Q25.Worlds first paperback book written in 1867 by Goethe what title

Answer: Faust I

Q26.Orange juice and what make an ambassador

Answer: Tequila

Q27.Maoni Vi of Capetown has the world longest what at 28 inches

Answer: Pubic Hair

Q28.In ancient Rome what was the tabularium

Answer: Hall of Public Records

Q29.40% of MacDonald’s profits come from selling what

Answer: Happy Meals

Q30.John Wayne was nicknamed duke – but after what

Answer: His favourite dog

Q31.Ruth Eisemann-Schier was the first woman to get on what

Answer: FBI ten most wanted list

Q32.Which Science Fiction author created The Triffids

Answer: John Wyndom

Q33.What food was sent to England in WW2 as part of lease lend

Answer: Spam

Q34.In the Bible what is the first mentioned colour

Answer: Green

Q35.What weapon is known as the gun that won the west

Answer: Winchester rifle

Q36.What country is coffee originally from

Answer: Ethiopia

Q37.What is a young beaver called

Answer: Kit

Q38.In the 70s who played The Bionic Woman

Answer: Lindsey Wagner

Q39.In astrology what was the age before Aquarius

Answer: Age of Pisces

Q40.US civil war which states buttons had a Palmetto tree on them

Answer: South Carolina

Q41.What was the top film of 1990

Answer: Home Alone

Q42.In 1951 these were invented what were

Answer:Disposable diapers –nappies

Q43.Which biblical prophet was sawn in half inside a hollow log

Answer: Isaiah

Q44.Caipirina means someone’s drink – whose drink


Q45.The word coyote comes from which language

Answer: Aztec

Q46.Which team won five Stanley cups during the 60s

Answer: Montreal

Q47.The rivers Lahn and Mosel are tributaries of what river

Answer: The Rhine

Q48.What do zoologists call the leader of a wolf pack

Answer: The alpha male

Q49.The ponderosa pine is the state tree of which US state

Answer: Montana

Q50.In WW2 what sort of weapon was a kaiten

Answer: Japanese manned torpedo

Q51.Horseradish sauce originated in which country

Answer: Japan

Q52.What is a dwile

Answer: A Dishcloth

Q53.In the USA a police 10-31 is the code for what

Answer:Crime in progress

Q54.Longacre square is now better known as what

Answer: Times Square – NY

Q55.In animal terms what is a dude

Answer: A camels penis

Q56.Deacon is church official from Greek what’s it literally mean

Answer: Servant

Q57.Name the brand of the first sour mash whiskey made in 1835

Answer: Old Crow

Q58.In Georgia its illegal to do what with a fork

Answer: Eat fried chicken

Q59.Thames water removes a ton of it monthly from sewage – what

Answer: Pubic Hair – system cant handle it

Q60.What sport takes place over a distance of 440 yards

Answer: Drag Racing

Q61.What is the top selling candy bar from vending machines

Answer: Snickers

Q62.A healthy person does it 16 times a day – what

Answer: Farts

Q63.Name 1st Disney cartoon film based on the life of a real person

Answer: Pocahontas

Q64.Under Mississippi law there cannot be a female what

Answer: Peeping Tom

Q65.In Poland if you asked for a piwo what would you get

Answer: A Beer

Q66.As foreplay what does a Ponapean male put in a woman’s vulva

Answer: A Fish – then he licks it

Q67.In a Horney Monkey there is banana crème de menthe and what

Answer: Baileys

Q68.What kind of bird is a bourbon

Answer: Turkey

Q69.What book of the Bible does not mention the name of God

Answer: Esther

Q70.On average what one action makes a man live 13 years longer

Answer: Castration

Q71.Which chemical element is named from the Greek for violent

Answer: Iodine

Q72.What author wrote the books Rage and The Sunbird

Answer: Wilber Smith

Q73.Disgusting question – longest verified American one 12′ 2″ what

Answer: Turd – over 2hrs 12 minutes

Q74.6000 American teenagers do it daily – what

Answer: Lose their virginity

Q75.By royal decree in Jidda 1979 women banned from using what

Answer: Hotel swimming pools

Q76.What was Michelangelo’s only signed sculpture

Answer: The Pieta

Q77.What is the more common name for triatomic oxygen

Answer: Ozone

Q78.Merrylegs was a performing circus dog in which Dickens novel

Answer: Hard Times

Q79.Who is the mother of Huey, Duey and Louie

Answer: Dumbella Duck

Q80.Solomon built his temple on a hill name it


Q81.What is Indiana’s state bird


Q82.What kind of juice goes in a salty dog

Answer: Grapefruit

Q83.The Afghani tribesmen drink Khoona on wedding night what is it

Answer: Watered down warm bulls semen

Q84.In the USA what was the first prime time cartoon show

Answer: The Flintstones

Q85.What was the last film where Sergio Leone directed Eastwood

Answer: The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Q86.What was the first Hanna-Barbera cartoon

Answer: Ruff and Reddy

Q87.Who painted The Gleaners

Answer: Jean Francis Millet

Q88.The name Europe comes from where

Answer: Greek Mythology

Q89.Envoid was the first what in the USA

Answer: Birth control pill available

Q90.Which Beatles song is associated with the Manson family

Answer: Helter Skelter

Q91.In mythology Odysseus blinded which Cyclops

Answer: Polyphemus

Q92.Confederate General William Smith carried what into battle

Answer: A Blue Parasol

Q93.What well known Russian author was also a doctor

Answer: Anton Chekov

Q94.In 1982 San Francisco became the first US city to do what

Answer: Ban sale possession of handguns

Q95.Morrissey was the lead singer of which band

Answer: The Smiths

Q96.In the Bible name Isaacs wife

Answer: Rebekah

Q97.Who or what killed Al Capone

Answer: Syphilis

Q98.Speedy Gonzales was fastest mouse in Mexico who slowest

Answer:Slowpoke Rodriquez

Q99.To which group of artists does Vincent Van Gough belong

Answer: Post Impressionists

Q100.What flavours the liquor chambord

Answer: Raspberries

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