GK Questions for SSC And UPSC With Answer – SET 8

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Q1.Joseph Lister – first operation antiseptic – 1867 on who

Answers: His sister

Q2.What was Black Beauties original name

Answers: Darkie

Q3.Who was the original Peeping Tom looking at

Answers: Lady Godiva

Q4.What element is present in all organic compounds

Answers: Carbon

Q5.What was Professor Moriarties first name

Answers: James

Q6.We know who wrote Little Women but who wrote Little Men

Answers: Lousia May Alcott

Q7.Who was the Goddess of the rainbow

Answers: Iris

Q8.In European city can you be jailed for not killing furry caterpillars

Answers: Brussels

Q9.Who was Olive Oyls boyfriend – before Popeye

Answers: Ham Gravy

Q10.Sienna law forbids women of what name from prostitution

Answers: Maria

Q11.What nationality was Oddjob

Answers: Korean

Q12.What is a Knout

Answers: Russian flogging whip

Q13.What language has the most words

Answers: English

Q14.Which film star used to be a circus acrobat

Answers: Burt Lancaster

Q15.The comma bacillus causes what disease

Answers: Cholera

Q16.What was the name of Dr Dolittle’s Parrot

Answers: Polynesia

Q17.What was the name of William Tells son (the apple head boy)

Answers: Walter

Q18.Laika was the first ever dog to do what

Answers: Go into space

Q19.Where could you spend a Markka

Answers: Finland

Q20.What links a bick, throat, half swage, punching hole

Answers: Anvil they are parts of it

Q21.What type of fish is Scomber Scombrus

Answers: Mackerel

Q22.What are brick, fontina, port salut, quargel types of

Answers: Cheese

Q23.In which country did the turnip originate

Answers: Greece

Q24.Tchaikovsky died of which disease

Answers: Cholera

Q25.Sam Barraclough owned which film star

Answers: Lassie

Q26.Ignatius Loyola founded which organisation

Answers: Jesuits

Q27.Which 16th century Italian wrote The Prince

Answers: Machiavelli

Q28.A meander bend in a river, named from river meander – where

Answers: Turkey

Q29.Who tells the story in The Arabian Nights

Answers: Sheherazade

Q30.Alfred Jingle appears in which Dickens novel

Answers: The Pickwick Papers

Q31.In sailing ship days who often acted as the ships doctor

Answers: Cook

Q32.An isoneph on a map joins places of equal what

Answers: Average Cloud Cover

Q33.Bumper Harris – wooden leg – what Job on London Underground

Answers: Ride new escalators

Q34.Who is Ivanhoe’s wife

Answers: Rowena

Q35.The Lent Lilly has a more common name – what

Answers: Daffodil

Q36.What was the name of Norse God Thor’s hammer

Answers: Mjolnir

Q37.Who ordered John the Baptists execution

Answers: King Herod

Q38.What was Walt Disney’s first cartoon character

Answers: Oswald the Rabbit

Q39.What medication discovered in 1928 but introduced 1940

Answers: Penicillin

Q40.Who wrote Beau Geste

Answers: P C Wren

Q41.A muster is a group of which birds

Answers: Peacocks

Q42.Bohea is a type of what

Answers: Tea

Q43.In which country were antibiotics first used

Answers: Egypt – used mouldy bread

Q44.Which country grew the first Orange

Answers: China

Q45.Gossima was the original name of what game

Answers: Table Tennis

Q46.What is Steganography

Answers: Invisible ink writing

Q47.An Albert chain is usually attached to what

Answers: Watch

Q48.An unkindness is a group of what birds

Answers: Ravens

Q49.A fellmonger deals in what items

Answers: Animal skins

Q50.What colour habit do Franciscan monks wear

Answers: Grey

Q51.Who was known as the Little Brown Saint

Answers: Ghandi

Q52.Who rode a horse called Morengo

Answers: Napoleon at Waterloo

Q53.A skulk is a group of which animals

Answers: Foxes

Q54.Who defended World heavyweight title twice on same night in 1906

Answers: Tommy Burns – both 1st KOs

Q55.What part of an aircraft is the empennage

Answers: Tail Unit

Q56.What do the letters MG stand for on cars

Answers: Morris Garages

Q57.Who was the first actor to appear on cover of Time magazine

Answers: Charlie Chaplin

Q58.Polyphemus was the leader of which group of mythical giants

Answers: Cyclops

Q59.What does a pluviomoter measure

Answers: Rainfall

Q60.Which game was illegal in Elizabethan England

Answers: Bowls

Q61.Which country invented Venetian Blinds

Answers: Japan

Q62.What is a quadriga

Answers: Roman 4 horse chariot

Q63.What is a brickfielder

Answers: Hot SE Aussie wind

Q64.Pupik means belly button in what language

Answers: Yiddish

Q65.What is the main ingredient in Borsch

Answers: Beetroot

Q66.The Fagus is the Latin name of what type of tree

Answers: Beech

Q67.If you have Chlorosis what colour does the skin go

Answers: Green

Q68.The French say Bis – what word do the English use

Answers: Encore

Q69.Of what are Karakul, Texel, Romney Marsh types

Answers: Sheep

Q70.What is biltong

Answers: Dried meat

Q71.Which animals can live longest without water

Answers: Rats

Q72.Captain Hanson Gregory Crockett created what void in 1847

Answers: Hole in Doughnuts

Q73.Kaka means parrot in which language

Answers: Maori

Q74.Who wrote A Town Like Alice

Answers: Nevil Shute

Q75.Which fruit contains the most protein

Answers: Avocado

Q76.Vaselina and Brillantino were alternate names which film

Answers: Grease

Q77.Chaplin ate a boot in the Gold Rush – what was it made of

Answers: Liquorice

Q78.Phoebe Anne Mozee better known as who

Answers: Annie Oakley

Q79.What is the tenth letter of the Greek alphabet

Answers: Kappa

Q80.If you were misocapnic what do you hate

Answers: Tobacco Smoke

Q81.What would you be if you were a coryphée

Answers: Ballet Dancer

Q82.Whose last words were – “Clito I owe a cock to Asclepius”

Answers: Socrates

Q83.What does the German word Panzer literally mean

Answers: Armour

Q84.What is Frances longest river

Answers: Loire

Q85.In which month is the Munich beer festival held

Answers: October

Q86.Prophesied the Chalus the Greek – Die on day – did of what

Answers: Laughing cos he was not dead

Q87.Who is Aladdin’s father

Answers: Mustapha the tailor

Q88.What American state is the Badger state

Answers: Wisconsin

Q89.Why was Fred Lorz disqualified 1904 Olympic marathon

Answers: Hitched a lift passing car

Q90.In China what colour does the bride traditionally wear

Answers: Red

Q91.Wild marjoram is also known as what

Answers: Oregano

Q92.What was the name of Roses monkey in Friends

Answers: Marcel

Q93.Horse brasses – on dreyhorses – originally what purpose

Answers: Charms – ward off evil

Q94.Alfred Hitchcock admitted to being terrified of what

Answers: Policeman

Q95.What was the name of Sancho Panza’s donkey

Answers: Dapple

Q96.Nenen-Kona is sold in Russia – what do we call it

Answers: Pepsi-Cola

Q97.Hugh Lofting created which famous character

Answers: Doctor Dolittle

Q98.What was the name of Russian bear mascot 1980 Olympics

Answers: Mischa

Q99.What ingredient must French ice cream contain by law

Answers: Eggs

Q100.A kindle is the name for a group of what young animals

Answers: Kittens

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