GK Questions for SSC And UPSC With Answer – SET 79

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Q1.What was James Shalto Douglas claim to sporting fame

Answer: Marquis of Queensbury – Boxing

Q2.What is philography

Answer: Autograph collecting

Q3.What symbol did 87 year old Arthur Eisenmenger design

Answer: The Euro note graphic

Q4.In which book of the Bible did Moses die

Answer: Deuteronomy

Q5.Who died in 1821 from arsenic poisoning from the wallpaper

Answer: Napoleon Bonaparte

Q6.What was the surname of the family in The Grapes of Wrath

Answer: Joad

Q7.Name vegetable banned different times causing leprosy rickets

Answer: Potato

Q8.What sport do you compete for Currie cup and Ranfurly Shield

Answer:Rugby Union

Q9.A belemnoid is what sort of shape in zoological terms

Answer: Dart shaped

Q10.Who does the Beatles song The fool on the Hill refer too

Answer: Galileo

Q11.In the UK what was the first product advertised on TV in colour

Answer: Birds Eye Peas

Q12.What would you do with a drupe

Answer: Eat it – it’s a fruit

Q13.What was King George VI first name

Answer: Albert – but Victoria said no king Albert

Q14.What colour is the purple finch

Answer: Crimson

Q15.Which is the oldest walled city in the world

Answer: Jericho

Q16.What was the first country to have a public monorail system

Answer: Japan

Q17.Slip, square and surgeon all types of what

Answer: Knot

Q18.What would you do with or what is a millers thumb

Answer: Eat it – type of fish

Q19.Who first wrote about the myth of Atlantis

Answer: Plato

Q20.Which cartoon character has a girlfriend named Petunia

Answer: Porky Pig

Q21.Pulque is a beer based on what

Answer: Cactus

Q22.Tiede Peak is a volcano on which island

Answer: Tenerife

Q23.What is the SI unit of capacitance

Answer: Farad

Q24.Who owned the yacht Lady Ghislane

Answer: Robert Maxwell

Q25.What colours are on a pollution free beach flag

Answer:Blue – gold stars

Q26.Harp, Elephant and Leopard all types of what

Answer: Seal

Q27.Name the producer of Starsky & Hutch and Beverly Hills 91210

Answer: Aaron Sperling

Q28.Name the Greek national airline

Answer: Olympic Airways

Q29.Bilrubin is produced by what part of the body

Answer: Liver

Q30.We know what Mardi Gras is but what’s its literal translation

Answer: Fat Tuesday

Q31.What was the capitol of England before London also a US gun

Answer: Winchester

Q32.An elephant is called a pachyderm what does it literally mean

Answer: Thick Skinned

Q33.BCG vaccine is used against which infectious disease

Answer: Tuberculosis

Q34.Apart from a caber by rule what is compulsory in caber tossing

Answer: Wearing a kilt

Q35.Little Eva introduced which dance in 1962

Answer: The Locomotion

Q36.Aulophobia is a fear of what

Answer: Flutes

Q37.What is a wumph

Answer: Deep thud or noise

Q38.In Morse code what letter is represented by .- Dot Dash

Answer: Letter A

Q39.Which British car was the first to sell over 1 million models

Answer: Morris Minor

Q40.If you were given a pot of vermicide what would you use it for

Answer: Killing worms

Q41.What is a moab

Answer: Type of hat

Q42.What is Belgium’s national Airline

Answer: Sabina

Q43.What creature can be Indian, white or broad lipped

Answer: Rhinoceros

Q44.What is the technical difference between rowing and sculling

Answer: Rowing means using a single oar

Q45.The Aztecs reckoned it was the food of the gods what was

Answer: Chocolate

Q46.Semiotics is the study of what

Answer: Signs or symbols

Q47.Which city was built in the design of a union flag

Answer: Khartoum

Q48.The Bank of Italy changed its name to what

Answer: The Bank of America

Q49.The Saffir-Simpson scale measures the intensity of what

Answer: Hurricanes

Q50.What is the state fish of Hawaii – in Hawaiian

Answer: Humunuku Apua’a

Q51.PY are the international car registration letters of which country

Answer: Paraguay

Q52.In old English what is a Bellibone – From French Belle Bonne

Answer: Fair Maiden

Q53.What is a male guinea pig called

Answer: Boar

Q54.A Blue Imperial or a New Zealand white types of what

Answer: Rabbits

Q55.In science it can be up down strange top or bottom what can

Answer: Quark

Q56.Where could you find The round window and The oval window

Answer: In the human ear

Q57.The Roman province Maxima Ceasariensis was in what country

Answer: England

Q58.Which British poet was also a Jesuit priest

Answer: Gerald Manley Hopkins

Q59.The mandylion is another name for which contentious object

Answer: The Turin Shroud

Q60.What is the more common name for serigraphy

Answer: Silk screen printing

Q61.What spice comes from the curcuma plant

Answer: Turmeric

Q62.Which film star was described as “A vacuum with nipples”

Answer: Marilyn Munroe

Q63.Harrods was the first UK store to install what

Answer: An escalator

Q64.A golfer can only do it for five minutes – what

Answer: Look for his lost balls

Q65.What is used to thicken gazpacho

Answer: Breadcrumbs

Q66.Who was the Phoenician Goddess of love

Answer: Astarte

Q67.Lucus Dominitus Ahenobarbus was better known as who

Answer: Nero

Q68.The Nuer people come from which country

Answer: Sudan

Q69.Which is Shakespeare’s shortest play

Answer: The Comedy of Errors

Q70.Manutius’s Virgil printed 1501 was the first time what was used

Answer: Italic letters

Q71.On a pencil what do the initials HB stand for

Answer: Hard Black

Q72.Where is a sumo wrestling tournament held

Answer: A Basho

Q73.Name Hong Kong Phooey’s cat

Answer: Spot

Q74.On an ordinance survey map which symbol shows a battlefield

Answer: Crossed swords

Q75.On which circuit is the Portuguese grand prix held

Answer: Estoril

Q76.To nearest 1000 in 1800 how many wild turkeys were in Turkey

Answer: None it’s a native US bird

Q77.What is Burgoo

Answer: Meat stew

Q78.In The Simpsons name the cat

Answer: Snowball

Q79.What can be dipole, loop or helical

Answer: Aerials

Q80.What do you do with a hassock

Answer: Kneel on it in church

Q81.Who composed Appalachian Spring

Answer: Aaron Copeland

Q82.First Defence, In Home or Second Attack positions what sport

Answer: Lacrosse

Q83.If you were given some marlite what would you do with it

Answer: Dig into soil it’s a clay lime mulch

Q84.Brandy, decoy and landscape all come from which language

Answer: Dutch

Q85.Chiuhauha dogs were originally bred for what

Answer: Tasty meat

Q86.What creature, when drunk, always falls on its right side

Answer: An Ant

Q87.What countries flag has two bars white top red bottom

Answer: Poland

Q88.A giraffes long tongue is what colour

Answer: Blue, blue black really

Q89.Mary Ann Nichols was the first – the first what

Answer: Victim of Jack the Ripper

Q90.Alberto Tomba is a name associated with which sport

Answer: Skiing

Q92.Which gas is used in a refrigerator

Answer: Freon

Q93.What is Ronald Reagan’s middle name

Answer: Wilson

Q94.Oil can Henry is the enemy of which cartoon character

Answer: Mighty Mouse

Q95.Fragrant Harbour is the translation of which cities name

Answer: Hong Kong

Q96.Geniophobia is the fear of what

Answer: Chins

Q97.What was the first country to use TV as a mass info media

Answer: Germany

Q98.Eric Claudin is better known by which eponymous title

Answer: The Phantom of the Opera

Q99.African American Garrett A Morgan invented what

Answer: The Traffic Signal

Q100.What ingredient is always found in a carciofo sauce

Answer: Artichokes

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