GK Questions for SSC And UPSC With Answer – SET 78

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Q1.Which group wished it could be Christmas every day

Answer: Wizard

Q2.The asteroidea are which order of creatures

Answer: Starfish

Q3.What is the main ingredient of Scotch Woodcock

Answer: Anchovies

Q4.Astrakhan comes from which animal

Answer: Sheep

Q5.Somewhere My Love was the theme song of which movie

Answer: Doctor Zhivago

Q6.The Dutch Royal family are Orange where is Orange

Answer: Village in France

Q7.Who first noticed that the sun had spots

Answer: Galileo

Q8.What nationality was tennis player Michael Chang

Answer: American

Q9.Salix Alba produces which drug

Answer: Aspirin – from the willow

Q10.Philip Glass wrote an opera about which famous person

Answer: Albert Einstein

Q11.Apart from eggs what is in an Arnold Bennett omelette

Answer: Smoked Haddock

Q12.In Peter Pan what were the names of Wendy’s brothers

Answer: Michael John

Q13.Who wrote the series of novels with the hero Sharp

Answer: Bernard Cornwell

Q14.What is the richest natural vegetable food

Answer: Soya bean

Q15.Which wine has varieties called malmsey and sercial

Answer: Maderia

Q16.Who did the original thugs worship

Answer:The Goddess Kali

Q17.At Waterloo who commanded the Prussian troops

Answer: Marshal Blucher

Q18.Who was the first male tennis player to win 100 tournaments

Answer: Jimmy Connors

Q19.What kind of dancer was Mister Bojangles

Answer: A Tap Dancer

Q20.It’s now the Birmingham Royal Ballet but it used to be what

Answer: Saddlers Wells Opera

Q21.Tosca is the heroine of the opera but what is her first name

Answer: Floria

Q22.Cavatina what the theme music to which film

Answer: The Deer Hunter

Q23.Which microbe produces alcohol

Answer: Yeast – alcohol is yeast piss

Q24.In the Bible the good Samaritan was travelling to where

Answer: Jericho

Q25.Which character first appeared in the book Call for the Dead

Answer: George Smiley by John LeCarre

Q26.A race is won by four laps of the track – which sport

Answer: Speedway

Q27.Retsina is a wine from which country

Answer: Greece

Q28.Hedera Helix is better known by what name

Answer: Ivy

Q29.What are Hamilton House and Petronella

Answer: Scottish country dances

Q30.What was the subtitle of Police Academy Six

Answer: City Under Siege

Q31.Shamanism is the religion of which people

Answer:Inuit or Eskimos

Q32.Black, whooper and Berwick all varieties of what

Answer: Swan

Q33.The linden tree is also called what

Answer: Lime tree

Q34.What does it mean in the UK if a telephone number starts 0800

Answer: It’s a free call – toll free

Q35.JVC launched VHS in 1976 what does VHS stand for

Answer: Video Home System

Q36.Who was the last Roman Catholic King of England

Answer: James II

Q37.Which beer was advertised as good for you

Answer: Guinness

Q38.Concetta Franconeri became more famous as who

Answer: Connie Francis

Q39.On the Thames they go swan upping annually what is it

Answer: Counting swan population

Q40.According to the proverb which fruit tastes sweetest

Answer: Forbidden

Q41.Whose autobiography is called “Take it like a Man”

Answer: Boy George – or George O’Doud

Q42.The earth pig is what animal

Answer: Aardvark

Q43.What is the title of the wife of a Marquis

Answer: Marchioness

Q44.What colour is angelica

Answer: Green

Q45.What is a lacuna

Answer: A Space

Q46.Citrus Grandis is the Latin name of which fruit

Answer: Grapefruit

Q47.What lager reached the parts other beers could not reach

Answer: Heineken

Q48.Collective nouns – what profession gather in a bench

Answer: Bishops

Q49.The Italians call it pesce what is it in English

Answer: Fish

Q50.In WW2 what was operation dynamo

Answer: Evacuation of Dunkirk

Q51.Whose first book was called Child Whispers

Answer: Enid Blyton

Q52.Saint Stephens day is better known as what

Answer: Boxing day

Q53.The Bronte sisters had a brother name him

Answer: Branwell

Q54.Golden and Argus are varieties of what bird

Answer: Pheasant

Q55.What is the magazine of the Salvation Army called

Answer: The Warcry

Q56.Name Mary Quant’s shop that led the 60s fashion revolution

Answer: Bazaar

Q57.Janet Jackson had a starring role in which TV series

Answer: Fame

Q58.In music what is meant by pianissimo

Answer: Very softly

Q59.Whose autobiography was entitled Past Imperfect

Answer: Joan Collins

Q60.Who played bass guitar in Suzi Quarto’s group

Answer: Suzi Quatro

Q61.Picardy is in the north east of which country

Answer: France

Q62.Elaine Bookbinder became more famous as who

Answer: Elkie Brooks

Q63.In which sport is the Lance B Todd memorial award won

Answer: Man of the Match Rugby League

Q64.Ann Ziegler was the singing partner of which film star

Answer:Webster Booth

Q65.What are the two official languages of Finland

Answer: Finnish and Swedish

Q66.Harry Patterson is the real name of which author

Answer: Jack Higgins

Q67.Which grand prix circuit is only 1.95 miles long

Answer: Monaco

Q68.Which country has the largest orthodox church

Answer: Russia

Q69.Which bird is the symbol of the Royal Society Protection Birds

Answer: Avocet

Q70.Who was born Mark Feld

Answer: Marc Bolan

Q71.The temple at Ephesus was sacred to who

Answer: Diana

Q72.In WW2 in what French city did the Germans surrender

Answer: Reims

Q73.In the Bible which book follows John

Answer: Acts of the Apostles

Q74.Sean Connery has what real first name

Answer: Thomas

Q75.Jeffery Archer wrote Kane and Abel what was the sequel called

Answer: The Prodigal Daughter

Q76.What is a peruke

Answer: A wig

Q77.What does the reference book Crockfords list

Answer: Church of England clergy

Q78.Which Italian city is at the heart of its fashion industry

Answer: Milan

Q79.Which food was rationed after WW2 ended but not during it

Answer: Bread

Q80.Which group had a 1970s UK number one hit with Oh Boy

Answer: Mud

Q81.The penny red was the first postage stamp to have what

Answer: Perforations

Q82.Cultured pearls were first grown in which country

Answer: Japan

Q83.What was first sold as a cold cure – not what we use it for now

Answer: Alka-Seltzer

Q84.Louis Maxwell became well know for playing which role

Answer: Moneypenny in early Bond films

Q85.Who said “I’ve no problem with drugs – only policemen”

Answer: Keith Richard

Q86.Who designed clothes under the emporio label

Answer: Georgio Armani

Q87.What is a zinfandel

Answer: White grape variety

Q88.Greyhound racing in UK what colour does the No one dog wear


Q89.In which building do they elect a new Pope

Answer: Sistine Chapel

Q90.Brian Connolly was the lead singer of which 70s group

Answer: The Sweet

Q91.What was Buddy Hollies real first name

Answer: Charles

Q92.Who was the Bad in the spaghetti westerns

Answer: Lee van Cleef

Q93.What was Ghandi’s profession

Answer: Lawyer

Q94.What countries official name is Bharat

Answer: India – in Hindi

Q95.Edradour is the smallest one in Scotland – what

Answer: Distillery

Q96.Which sport is played at Roland Garros

Answer: Tennis in Paris on clay courts

Q97.A French wine described as doux is what

Answer: Medium Sweet

Q98.What is Terry Wogans real first name

Answer: Michael

Q99.The grand prix d’Endurance is run on which circuit

Answer: Le Mans 24 hour race

Q100.Les Gray was the lead singer of which group

Answer: Mud

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