GK Questions for SSC And UPSC With Answer – SET 77

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Q1.Margaret Herrick named it in 1931 what

Answer: The Oscar – looked like her uncle

Q2.Where would you see a pilcrow

Answer: New paragraph symbol

Q3.Shooting Rabbits Talking German Cutting Finger old terms what

Answer: Farting – Victorian euphemism

Q4.Whose last word were “I have not told half of what I saw”

Answer: Marco Polo

Q5.The Foudrinier machine is used to manufacture what

Answer: Paper

Q6.You can have a troop of actors and what group of animals

Answer: Monkeys

Q7.What movie memorabilia sold at Christies in 1987 for £82500

Answer: Chaplains Hat Cane

Q8.In literature and films whose father was the Earl of Dorincourt

Answer: Little Lord Fauntleroy

Q9.What do lentic fish like that lotic fish don’t

Answer: Lentic still waters lotic flowing

Q10.Cliff Richards She’s so Beautiful who played every instrument

Answer: Stevie Wonder

Q11.Who was given a honorary Oscar in 1985 after 50 years acting

Answer: James Stewart

Q12.Where were the 1952 Olympic games held

Answer: Helsinki

Q13.A flageolet is another name for what musical instrument

Answer: A penny whistle

Q14.American Hamilton Smith invented what in 1858

Answer: A washing machine

Q15.Whose symphony number seven is called the Leningrad

Answer: Shostakovich

Q16.Leonid Kravchuk became president of where in 1991

Answer: Ukraine

Q17.American Paul Theroux wrote novels and about what else

Answer: Travel

Q18.In contract bridge a hand called chicane has what

Answer: No trump cards

Q19.The Ladies Mercury in 1693 was the worlds first what

Answer: Women’s magazine

Q20.William Le Baron Jenny is credited with inventing what in the US

Answer: Skyscraper

Q21.The women’s world cup in tennis is played for what trophy

Answer: The Fed cup

Q22.What sort of creature is a bariroussa

Answer: A pig

Q23.In Dallas what was the name of the bar

Answer: Cattleman’s Club

Q24.Handel’s Harmonious Blacksmith is played on what instrument

Answer: Harpsichord

Q25.What organisation was founded Canada by Mrs Hoodless 1897

Answer: The Women’s Institute

Q26.If a doctor gives you a clyster what have you just got

Answer: Injected into rectum by tube

Q27.Where is the worlds largest mine

Answer: Carletonville South Africa

Q28.Vivaldi, Purcell and Handel’s music is what type

Answer: Baroque

Q29.We know what a veto is but what does it literally mean

Answer: I forbid

Q30.Atahualpa was the last ruler of who

Answer: Incas

Q31.Which spice gives curry its colour

Answer: Turmeric

Q32.Pidgin English started because of trade between UK and where

Answer: China

Q33.In the international code of signals what does Oscar signify

Answer: Man overboard

Q34.If you had canitis what have you got

Answer: Grey hair

Q35.Name the Beatles first LP released in 1963

Answer: Please-please me

Q36.What is the largest BBS in the world

Answer: CompuServe

Q37.In standard cine film how many frames are shown each second

Answer: Twenty four

Q38.What was on B side of The Rolling Stones Ruby Tuesday

Answer: Lets Spend the Night Together

Q39.Rolf Harris was Australian junior champion at what

Answer:Swimming –Backstroke

Q40.What does a lachrymose person do – a lot

Answer: Cry

Q41.Portuguese West Africa is now known as what

Answer: Angola

Q42.Country singer Hank Wangford has what profession

Answer: Gynaecologist

Q43.What is smocking

Answer: Needlework

Q44.What German word is printed on the labels of high quality wine

Answer: Kabinett

Q45.What type of soup is a dubarry

Answer: Cream of cauliflower

Q46.Which quiz program never had contestants only contenders

Answer: Mastermind

Q47.From the bull what colour is fourth on an archery target

Answer: Black

Q48.Whose only line in his first play was Tennis Anyone

Answer: Humphry Bogart

Q49.Which film is the first of the spaghetti westerns

Answer: A fistful of Dollars

Q50.Who wrote Cliff Richards hit song Living Doll

Answer: (b) (i) and (iii)

Q51.What is the largest species of flatfish

Answer: Halibut

Q52.Which is the earliest US military award for service beyond duty

Answer: Purple Heart

Q53.In the UK sport of Kings what is significant about the number 18

Answer: Max letters in a racehorses name

Q54.Hemmingway’s Old Man and the Sea is set in which country

Answer: Cuba

Q55.NAOH is the chemical formula for what

Answer: Sodium Hydroxide

Q56.Which golfer was nicknamed Supermex

Answer: Lee Travino

Q57.Nossa Senhora da Aparecida is Patron Saint of which country

Answer: Brazil

Q58.Acinonyx Jubatus is what big pussy

Answer: Cheetah

Q59.Portrait of a Man is the real title of which artistic work

Answer: The Laughing

Q60.Vitamin B2 has what other name Riboflavin

Answer: Cavalier Franz Halls

Q61.What is the biggest tourist attraction in Zambia

Answer: Victoria falls

Q62.In WW2 what kind of aircraft was a horsa

Answer: A glider

Q63.In 1967 what new safety measure was introduced to the UK

Answer: Breathalyser

Q64.Pat Sullivan created which cartoon character

Answer: Felix the cat

Q65.A newborn bactrian camel has how many humps

Answer: None

Q66.Whose final opera was called Death in Venice

Answer: Benjamin Britain

Q67.Which Greek mountain is consecrated to the muses

Answer: Helicon

Q68.Marzipan comes from Marci Panis literally meaning what

Answer: Marks bread St Marks day 25 April

Q69.Antanananarivo is the capitol of where

Answer: Madagascar

Q70.Maiden, Mother of All, Footman all parts of what

Answer: A Spinning wheel

Q71.What is the name of the Russian triangular guitar


Q72.The first what was called The Original

Answer: Purpose built lifeboat

Q73.USA UK and Irish women golfers play for which trophy

Answer: Curtis cup

Q74.Who began his career as one of the Tennessee Two

Answer: Johnny Cash

Q75.A man who commits Pseudogyny is doing what to deceive

Answer: Uses woman’s name

Q76.In the body luteinizing hormone is produced by what gland

Answer: Pituitary

Q77.What is used in a tempera painting

Answer: Egg yoke and water

Q78.In the Sikh religion what is kesh

Answer: Uncut hair or beard

Q79.What was Vivaldi’s profession apart from composing

Answer: Priest

Q80.C T Russell founded what organisation

Answer: Jehovah’s Witnesses

Q81.In which country is Penina golf course

Answer: Portugal

Q82.Which artery supplies the kidneys with blood

Answer: The renal

Q83.Which two colours are on a semaphore flag

Answer: Red Yellow

Q84.Who was the first American in space – twice

Answer: Gus Grissom

Q85.What was classical composer Mussorgsky’s first name

Answer: Modest

Q86.Where could you spend a guarani


Q87.The Attock is a forbidden river that no pure who can pass


Q88.The marimba is a African form of what musical instrument

Answer: Xylophone

Q89.The Gluckauf was the worlds first what

Answer: Oil Tanker

Q90.Otalgia is what condition

Answer: Earache

Q91.The Epstein-Barr virus causes what illness

Answer: Glandular fever

Q92.Who was nicknamed Impeesa (no sleep wolf) by Matabele tribe

Answer: Baden Powell

Q93.The Easter lily is a native plant of which country

Answer: Japan

Q94.Aaron Copeland wrote a ballet about which American folk hero

Answer: Billy the Kid

Q95.Which Flemish painter produced Adoration of the Kings

Answer: Brueghel

Q96.Which industry uses the gravure method

Answer: Printing

Q97.What pollinates malacophilous plants

Answer: Snails

Q98.Name the Rolling Stones second album

Answer: Rolling Stones No 2

Q99.In what country are the Painted Lakes

Answer: Indonesia

Q100.Jack Nicklaus named his course after his UK favourite what

Answer: Muirfield

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