GK Questions for SSC And UPSC With Answer – SET 76

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Q1.Who wrote the lyrics for Oscar winning song Whole New World

Answer: Tim Rice

Q2.An empelomaniac has a desire to do what

Answer: Hold public office

Q3.Who described TV as “Chewing gum for the masses”

Answer: Architect Frank Lloyd Wright

Q4.How did Billie Holiday get the nickname Lady

Answer: Refused to pickup tips with vagina

Q5.Which creatures communicate by touch, smell and dance

Answer: Bees

Q7.What is Australia’s Barossa valley known for

Answer: Wine production

Q8.What is the worlds fastest moving insect

Answer: Tropical Cockroach

Q9.How is something cooked if done en papillote

Answer: In Paper

Q10.Which detective lived in Cabot Cove Maine

Answer: Jessica Fletcher

Q11.What would you do with a naked lady

Answer: Plant it – its Colchinium

Q12.A myomancer predict the future by studying what

Answer: The shape of mice

Q13.Which actress said “Being a sex symbol is like being a convict”

Answer: Raquel Welch in 1979

Q14.The Golden Bear is awarded at which film festival

Answer: Berlin

Q15.What financial item was introduced to UK in September 1963

Answer: American Express card

Q16.Where did Indian ink originally come from

Answer: China

Q17.How many best director Oscars did Alfred Hitchcock win

Answer: None

Q18.In France what is eau de vie

Answer: Brandy

Q19.The Savannah was the worlds first commercial what

Answer: Atomic powered ship

Q20.Which county has the most MEPs 99

Answer: Germany

Q21.Ships known as The First Fleet transported what in 1788

Answer: Convicts to Australia

Q22.If you had crabites what have you got

Answer: Collection of fossil crabs

Q23.This TV series ran for 78 episodes before it was scrapped – what

Answer: Star Trek

Q24.Which Beatles song did The Overlanders take to number one

Answer: Michelle

Q25.A mirliton is another name for what musical instrument

Answer: A Kazoo

Q26.Where is the largest church in the world

Answer: Vatican in Rome

Q27.Brian Gamlin of Bury is credited with what sporting invention

Answer: Numbers on Dartboard

Q28.Which countries wine might be labelled DOCG

Answer: Italy

Q29.Ivan Maugher won six world titles at what sport

Answer: Speedway

Q30.Who is the Patron Saint of Germany and sodomy

Answer: Saint Boniface

Q31.From which alphabet do all western alphabets originate

Answer: Phoenician

Q32.What’s unusual about a bobhouse

Answer: Its on skis

Q33.What was John Denvers only solo UK number one

Answer: Annies Song

Q34.Which dancing represents fertility through death and rebirth

Answer: Morris dancing

Q35.The USA declared war on which country in 1898

Answer: Spain

Q36.Polite society man does it 2 legs woman sitting dog 3 legs what

Answer: Shake hands

Q37.What building links Stacy Keach and Oscar Wilde

Answer: Reading Jail

Q38.Chuck McKinley was the only American to do what in the 60s

Answer: Win Wimbledon

Q39.In the body what do the Islets of Langerhans do

Answer: Secrete Insulin

Q40.It is the English Channel but what do the French call it

Answer: La Manche

Q41.Bob van Winkle changed his name to what

Answer: Vanilla Ice

Q42.What was Elvis Presley’s first UK number one

Answer: All shook up

Q43.And what was his first US number one

Answer: Heartbreak Hotel

Q44.Hippoglossus-hippoglossus is which common sea fish


Q45.Long jump, High Jump, Triple Jump what missing

Answer: Pole Vault Olympic jumping events

Q46.What capitol is on the slopes of the volcano Pichincha

Answer: Quito Ecuador

Q47.Yvon Petra was the last man to do what at Wimbledon

Answer: Wear flannels

Q48.What is embolia

Answer: Hesitations in speech

Q49.What sort of drink is barbancourt

Answer: Rum

Q50.Who drove the McLaren to its first grand prix victory in 1968

Answer: Bruce McLaren himself

Q51.In which country is the secretariat of the European Parliament

Answer: Luxemburg

Q52.What do the initials Bt mean after a surname

Answer: Baronet

Q53.What was the worlds highest structure until 1930

Answer: Eiffel Tower

Q54.What is a Mexican Black Howler

Answer: A Monkey

Q55.In which country did the study of geometry originate

Answer: Egypt

Q56.A normal human body has 46 what

Answer: Chromosomes

Q57.What became legal in 1901 in the UK

Answer: Boxing

Q58.Harry Longbaugh became better known under what name

Answer: The Sundance Kid

Q59.Which country has the worlds first greyhound racing track

Answer: USA

Q60.What was Marie Osmonds only solo hit

Answer: Paper Roses

Q61.Ben Hur won most Oscars 11 what film comes second with 10

Answer:West Side Story

Q62.Where is Judge Dread a judge

Answer: Mega City

Q63.What was the capitol of Russia before Moscow

Answer: Saint Petersburg

Q64.A crapulous person is full of it – what

Answer: Alcohol – it means drunk

Q65.If you have cherophobia what are you afraid of

Answer: Joy – happiness

Q66.John Lennon named The Quarrymen after what

Answer: His old school

Q67.Geotropism affects what

Answer: Plants its gravity growth response

Q68.Marie Gresholtz is better known as who

Answer: Madam Tussaud

Q69.Equestrian, Yachting and what Olympic sport are sexes equal

Answer: Shooting

Q70.If you saw Fringilla Coelebs what bird have you noticed

Answer: The Chaffinch

Q71.Which film won the best makeup Oscar in 1992

Answer: Bram Stokers Dracula

Q72.And who designed it

Answer: Michelangelo

Q73.What sort of meat is used in the dish Guard of Honour

Answer: Neck of Lamb

Q74.What sport was banned in England in 1849

Answer: Cockfighting

Q75.Ronald Wycherley became more famous as who

Answer: Billy Fury

Q76.Nostology is the study of what

Answer: Senility

Q77.John Books was the final role of which actor

Answer: John Wayne in The Shootist

Q78.Gerry Dawsy became more famous as who

Answer: Englebert Humperdinck

Q79.And he was born in which country

Answer: India

Q80.Who did the walrus and the carpenter ask to walk with them

Answer: The Oysters

Q81.Jack Palance won best supporting actor Oscar in what 1991 film

Answer: City Slickers

Q82.What does the DIN number mean on photographic film

Answer: Speed of film

Q83.Which spice is used in a whisky sling

Answer: Nutmeg

Q84.What key is music written in if it has five flats

Answer: D flat

Q85.Which sea area is immediately south of Ireland

Answer: Fastnet

Q86.Chimpanzees, gorillas and orang-utans what is missing

Answer: Gibbons

Q87.Name Frank Sinatra’s Yacht

Answer: My Way Again

Q88.What is the main ingredient of boxty bread

Answer: Potatoes

Q89.By what other name is the double album The Beatles known

Answer: The White album

Q90.What does an Alexandra taste of

Answer: Chocolate

Q91.Name the first actor to get best actor Oscar for repeating a role

Answer: Paul Newman –Colour of Money

Q92.Which English composer wrote a Sea symphony

Answer: Ralph Vaughan Williams

Q93.What’s the name of the technique for measuring at a distance

Answer: Telemetry

Q94.Eight bells on board a ship means what

Answer: End of a watch

Q95.Where were the first European coffee houses opened

Answer: Vienna

96.What is the main ingredient of a moussaka

Answer: Aubergines

97.What was the Beatles first UK top ten single

Answer: Please-please me

98.Which character lived at 3 stable mews City of London

Answer: John Steed in the Avengers

99.What do homodonts have that hetrodonts don’t

Answer: Same shaped teeth

100.What was the only horror film nominated best film Oscar

Answer: The Exorcist in 1973

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