GK Questions for SSC And UPSC With Answer – SET 75

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Q1.Kevin Kline won best supporting actor Oscar which 1988 film

Answer: A Fish Called Wanda

Q2.Kipros in Greek Kibris in Turkish what is it in English

Answer: Cyprus

Q3.What is the main ingredient of the Indian dish dahl

Answer: Lentils

Q4.An anti-tussed is used to treat what

Answer: Coughs

Q5.Ball is 38 millimetres in diameter weighs 2.5 grams what sport

Answer: Table Tennis

Q6.Walloons speak what language

Answer: French in Belgium

Q7.In Gustav Holsts planets suite which planet is the magician

Answer: Uranus

Q8.What UK gentleman’s club first in 1891 to admit lady members

Answer: Reform club

Q9.Ab Ovo Latin for the very beginning but what’s it literally mean

Answer: From the egg

Q10.Who was the last Emperor of France

Answer: Napoleon III

Q11.Which word links a type of bread and a cut of precious stone

Answer: Baguette

Q12.What country does China have its longest land border with

Answer: Mongolia

Q13.Astronomer Fred Hoyle coined which phrase

Answer: The Big Bang

Q14.The first US copyrighted film showed what in 1894

Answer: A man sneezing

Q15.What do the four quarters of a hot cross bun symbolise

Answer: Moon phases

Q16.Who owns The Oval cricket ground

Answer: Prince Charles

Q17.Who might use ruddle or what is it

Answer: Shepherds dye marking sheep

Q18.What organisation recently banned in Russia as paramilitary

Answer: Salvation Army

Q19.Whose song did the Beatles sing on first TV appearance 1962

Answer: Roy Orbison Dream Baby

Q20.What’s unusual about portrait Duke of Monmouth in Nat Gallery

Answer: Its not him

Q21.Mount Logan is the highest mountain in which country

Answer: Canada

Q22.The Napstar logo shows headphones on what

Answer: A cat

Q23.What sporting contest Peter Christian win in Jan 77 with 1/16 oz

Answer: Angling – total (only) catch

Q24.If a dog is canine, cat feline what creature is accipitrine

Answer: A hawk

Q25.Rene Raymond is better known as which author

Answer: Raymond Chandler

Q26.Jean Montgolfier in 1157 built the worlds first what

Answer: Paper factory

Q27.Link the sports Cricket, Rackets, Croquet and Motorboat racing

Answer: Only appeared once in Olympics

Q28.Which TV gangster owns the nightclub called The Ba Da Bing

Answer: Tony Soprano

Q29.Where would you find or what are guntlines

Answer: Rope – groves

Q30.How many one legged popes have there been

Answer: None

Q31.Whose first single released July 1961 was Buttered Popcorn

Answer: The Supremes

Q32.Where are a whales nipples

Answer: On its back

Q33.What theologian claimed he could drive away the devil with a fart

Answer: Martin Luther

Q34.Who devised the idea of a flat rate postal charge

Answer: Charles Babbage

Q35.How to you turn a woman into a cuckquean

Answer: Shag her husband female cuckold

Q36.In the UK which school choir had a No 1 with a song grandma

Answer: Saint Winifred’s

Q37.In the pasa doble what is the female dancer supposed to be

Answer: A bullfighters cloak

Q38.A napiform thing is shaped like what

Answer: A turnip

Q39.What was the first country in 1824 to legalise Trade Unions

Answer: Britain

Q40.What is the worlds longest insect

Answer: Borneo stick insect

Q41.It came into football in 1923 men say women don’t understand?

Answer: The offside rule

Q42.What is a nidologist interested in

Answer: Birds nests

Q43.Name Eleanor Roosevelt’s job 1932 husband became president

Answer: Editor of magazine Babies

Q44.Arthur Sarsfield Ward the creator of Fu Man Chu is which author

Answer: Sax Rohmer

Q45.Who wrote Servants of the Wankh in 1969

Answer: Jack Vance SF

Q46.Who lived in Honalee

Answer: Puff the magic dragon

Q47.What is the largest wild animal in the UK

Answer: The Scottish red deer

Q48.In the song who told Laura he loved her in 1960

Answer: Ricky Valance

Q49.Who owns Dartmoor prison

Answer: Prince Charles

Q50.Name the subject Harry Harrison’s 1977 book Great Balls of Fire

Answer: Sex in Science Fiction

Q51.In the UK the Clerk of the Closet is the Queens official what

Answer: Chaplin

Q52.A burning oil lamp is the symbol of which organisation

Answer: Gideons

Q53.The Comstock load is a silver deposit in what US state

Answer: Nevada

Q54.What TV show takes place in Sunnydale

Answer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Q55.In 2001 one active UK warship named after an Englishman who

Answer: Sir Winston Churchill

Q56.Andy Green first broke the sound barrier on land in what car

Answer: Thrust SSC

Q57.Names from jobs – Baker Cook obvious what was a Pallistair

Answer: Fence maker

Q58.The Seven Pillars of Wisdom comes from where

Answer:Proverbs in Bible

Q59.Name Glen Millers signature tune

Answer: Moonlight Serenade

Q60.Josephine Hull best supporting actress Oscar which 1950 film

Answer: Harvey

Q61.Palm, Olive, Cyprus and Cedar what is the biblical link

Answer: Woods cross made

Q62.Intelligents Report a quarterly magazine in US which subject

Answer: UFO organisation

Q63.Paludism is an old name for which disease

Answer: Malaria

Q64.What was the worlds first patented synthetic food in 1869

Answer: Margarine

Q65.Polish sprinter Ewa Klobukowska first do what at Kiev in 1967

Answer: Fail sex test was disqualified

Q66.Harry S Truman and Gerald Ford what’s the non obvious link

Answer: Left handed

Q67.Which is the only Shakespeare play not to contain a song

Answer: The Comedy of Errors

Q68.A fimetarious organism grows where

Answer: In faeces or shit

Q69.What lasted 5 hours and twelve minutes in 1969 longest ever

Answer: Wimbledon TV match no tie break

Q70.Which film won the best visual effects Oscar in 1984

Answer: Indiana Jones Temple of Doom

Q71.What got named by novelist Gilbert Frankau at a party in 1926

Answer: Zip he said Zip its open Zip its shut

Q72.In 19th century USA what was The Mongolian Curse

Answer: Opium

Q73.If you suffered from scripturience what are you compelled to do

Answer:Write things down

Q74.Link Aurora Texas, Spitsbergen Norway and Ubatuba Brazil

Answer: UFO crash sites

Q75.What’s the US equivalent to the Department of Health in the UK

Answer: Surgeon General

Q76.Israel Baline became more famous under what name

Answer: Irving Berlin

Q77.Which US state was known as “The mother of Presidents”

Answer: Virginia 4 out of 1st 5

Q78.Why did certain busses in Staffordshire refuse to pick up people

Answer: Keeping to schedule

Q79.The three toed sloth only does it every 10 days – what

Answer: Defecate – or crap

Q80.Who is the only director to win 3 Oscars within five years in 30s

Answer: Frank Capra 1934 1936 1938

Q81.Where would you find a Rocker, Eight, Loop and Three

Answer: Figures in Ice Skating

Q82.Samuel Pepys wife always slept with what in her hand

Answer: His Dick

Q83.The medical journal Practitioner 1923 said it will never happen?

Answer: Teaching of contraception

Q84.Bruce Philip in 1985 recorded what sporting first

Answer: Rowed for Oxford and Cambridge

Q85.What is measured in units called jnd

Answer: Sensitivity Just noticeable difference

Q86.The angel shark has what other name

Answer: The monkfish

Q87.Which mummified tendon was auctioned at Christies in 1969

Answer: Napoleons Penis

Q88.Marie Stopes discovered what in British Museum after marriage

Answer: Should not be virgin

Q89.What does a callipygian person have

Answer: Pretty shaped buttocks

Q90.Which 1977 film won seven Oscars but none for acting

Answer: Star Wars

Q91.What song was on the B side of The Beatles We can work it out

Answer: Day Tripper

Q92.Georges Claude invented what in 1911

Answer: Neon lights

Q93.In which country did the first Christmas stamp appear in 1898

Answer: Canada

Q94.How does paella get its name

Answer: From cooking pan

Q95.Alfred Hitchcock’s daughter appeared in Psycho – name her

Answer: Patricia Hitchcock

Q96.Isaiah Sellers did it before Samuel Clements – did what

Answer: Used Mark Twain

Q97.Which English King holds the official record of bastards 21

Answer: Henry I

Q98.Where would you find a corbicula

Answer: Honey bee – sacks carry pollen

Q99.In 1951 the shortest ever lasted 2.5 minutes – shortest what

Answer: Boat race Oxford sank

Q100.Which film won the best story Oscar in 1958

Answer: The Defiant Ones

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