GK Questions for SSC And UPSC With Answer – SET 74

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Q1.Which film won the best special effects Oscar in 1961

Answer: The Guns of Naverone

Q2.The Great Gazoo was an alien in which cartoon series

Answer: The Flintstones

Q3.Peach pear and plum all members of which family of plants

Answer: Roses

Q4.What is the final event in the modern pentathlon

Answer: Horse riding

Q5.In Spain what are Paradors

Answer: State owned tourist hotels

Q6.Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus was exiled in 1956 to where

Answer: The Seychelles

Q7.In which novel would you find reference to “The Cracks of Doom”

Answer: Lord of the Rings

Q8.If you were performing Christies or edging what are you doing

Answer: Skiing

Q9.Where would you find a crossjack and a spanker

Answer: Sailing ship there sails

Q10.In boxing what comes between bantam and light weight

Answer: Feather weight

Q11.In what city would you find The Jacques Cartier bridge

Answer: Montreal

Q12.The A1 is the longest trunk road in the UK between what 2 cities

Answer: London – Edinburgh

Q13.In the animal kingdom what creatures are in the order Chiroptera

Answer: Bats

Q14.Greek mythology King Minos of Crete got what annual payment

Answer: 7 men + Women to feed to Minator

Q15.In medieval times what was a mangonel used for

Answer: It was a siege catapult

Q16.Port (left) was called what before Admiralty named it port in 1844

Answer: Larboard

Q17.Which Spanish town is noted for high quality steel swords

Answer: Toledo

Q18.The Ngorogoro crater is in what Tanzanian National Park

Answer: Serengeti

Q19.Hamlet, Macbeth Othello which Shakespeare tragedy is missing

Answer: King Lear

Q20.Sand, Soda and what are the main ingredients of glass

Answer: Limestone

Q21.The word gospel from Anglo Saxon literally means what

Answer: Good Tidings

Q22.Thor Heyerdahl vessels were Kon Tiki, Ra and what

Answer: Tigris

Q23.And what happened to Tigris 3rd April 1978

Answer: He burned it anti war protest

Q24.If a doctor gave you an Ishihara test what is he testing for

Answer: Colour blindness

Q25.Only one miracle is mentioned in all four gospels what is it

Answer: Feeding of 5000

Q26.What is the official language of Cuba

Answer: Spanish

Q27.What new invention was shown to Queen Victoria 14 Jan 1878

Answer: The telephone

Q28.In 1956 16 tons topped the UK charts who was the singer

Answer: Tennessee Ernie Ford

Q29.He died 28th July 1750 and had 20 children 6 survived name him

Answer: Johan Sebastian Bach

Q30.Who gave Yves Saint Laurent his start in fashion

Answer: Christian Dior

Q31.Where would you find pedals a resonator and a piller

Answer: On a Harp

Q32.Ignoring Queen name the only woman to appear on UK currency

Answer: Florence Nightingale

Q33.In area what is the largest South American country

Answer: Brazil

Q34.Pierre Augustine Caron de Baumarchais play what Opera based on it

Answer: Barber of Seville

Q35.In wacky races who drove the Creepy Coop

Answer: Gruesome Twosome

Q36.Author of Good as Gold and Closing Time but famed for another

Answer: Joseph Heller Catch 22

Q37.The Owen Ford Dam one of worlds largest is in which country

Answer: Uganda

Q38.Which wine grape variety is nicknamed The King of Grapes

Answer: Cabernet Sauvignon

Q39.Cushat, Rock and Stock all types of which creature

Answer: Doves

Q40.What do ensign, cadet, osprey and 505 have in common

Answer: Sailing Dinghy’s

Q41.Who wrote Man are from Mars Women are from Venus

Answer: John Grey

Q42.Klu Klux Clam, Uncle Ant Disgruntled goat characters from?

Answer: Itchy & Scratchy in The Simpsons

Q43.Which artist painted The Fighting Temeraire

Answer: Joseph Mallard William Turner

Q44.Why could you find a hoist and a fly

Answer:On a flag

Q45.Where would you see a stoop or what creature is doing it

Answer: A falcons diving

Q46.Louisa Adams was the only first lady to be what

Answer: Born outside USA

Q47.In Italian pasta cusine what does al dente literally mean

Answer: To the teeth

Q48.If a wine is described as alcooleux what has it got

Answer: Overwhelming alcohol

Q49.Which of the Apostles is traditionally pictured with a purse

Answer: Matthew taxman

Q50.Which peoples name translates as eaters of raw flesh

Answer: Eskimo

Q51.What are Acheron, Cocytus and Phlegethon

Answer:Rivers of Hell

Q52.Classical seven ages of man Infant Schoolboy Lover what’s next

Answer: Soldier

Q53.In wacky races who drove the converter car

Answer: Professor Pat Pending

Q54.A Robert Heinlein book won 1960 Hugo award name it

Answer: Starship Troopers

Q55.What happened to you if you get a nosicomial condition

Answer: Infection caught in hospital

Q56.In Disney’s Bedknobs and Broomsticks what magic words used

Answer: Bibbity Bobbity Boo

Q57.First comic book character to return from death by demand is?

Answer: Joker in Batman

Q58.Greenmantle, Three Hostages, Island of Sheep which character

Answer: Richard Hannay

Q59.Which film won the best sound effects Oscar in 1990

Answer: Hunt for Red October

Q60.What was voted the best monopoly piece in 1998

Answer: The Car

Q61.Gean, Northern bird and Dwarf all types of what

Answer: Cherry Tree

Q62.Who met at Ujiji in 1871

Answer: H M Stanley and Dr. Livingstone

Q63.Pilgrims visit Mecca where is Mecca

Answer: Saudi Arabia

Q64.What would you do with a wandering sailor

Answer: Plant it it’s a plant

Q65.Germans call a WW1 sea fight Battle of Skagerrak what in UK

Answer: Battle of Jutland

Q66.What colour are the seats in the House of Lords

Answer: Red – Commons green

Q67.What are Cats tail, Cocks foot and Sheep’s fescue

Answer: Types of grass

Q68.In what city would you find the Spanish Riding School

Answer: Vienna

Q69.What is the most commonly used oil in Chinese cookery

Answer: Groundnut or Peanut

Q70.Which film won the best screenplay Oscar in 1970

Answer: MASH

Q71.What is the worlds longest mountain range

Answer: The Andes

Q72.Jason and the Argonauts sailed to where looking for the fleece

Answer: Colchis

Q73.Suez is at one end of the Suez canal what is at the other

Answer: Port Said

Q74.What are hunting, dress, old and Price Charles Edward types of

Answer: Tartans

Q75.Dows, Grahams and Warres famous producers of what wine

Answer: Port

Q76.What is the first name of Agatha Christies Miss Marple

Answer: Jane

Q77.Evangeline Booth became the first woman general in what army

Answer: Salvation Army

Q78.You are a saucy boy comes from what Shakespeare play

Answer: Romeo and Juliet

Q79.Which film won the best sound effects Oscar in 1987


Q80.Napka currency Ismara official capital which African country

Answer: Eritrea

Q81.Whose catchphrase was “Stop messing About”

Answer: Kenneth Williams

Q82.John Dick Ann Timmy who is missing from this famous five

Answer: Julian

Q83.Dawson City was replaced by Whitehorse as the capital where

Answer: Yukon

Q84.Carara in Tuscany is famous for producing what

Answer: Marble

Q85.There are 150 what in The Bible

Answer: Psalms

Q86.In cookery what does ricotta literally mean

Answer: Twice cooked

Q87.What links Martha Corey Brigit Bishop Mary Easty in 17th cent

Answer: Salem Witchcraft trial

Q88.In Shakespeare King Lear was king of where

Answer: Britain

Q89.Artist Marc Chegal died in 1985 in what country was he born

Answer: Russia

Q90.Which film won the best song Oscar in 1971

Answer: Shaft – The theme from Shaft

Q91.Dr Teeth was the leader of the band Electric Mayhem – where

Answer: The Muppet Show

Q92.Dammen in Dutch is what game

Answer: Draughts or Checkers

Q93.A horses height is measured from the ground to what part

Answer: Withers – base of neck crest line

Q94.What was the first Disney animated film released on video

Answer: Dumbo

Q95.In Superman what was the original name of The Daily Planet

Answer: The Daily Star

96.Guiseppe Verdi wrote Aida – in what city was it premiered

Answer: Cairo

97.Dance with a Stranger was the film of who’s life story

Answer: Ruth Ellis

98.What nationality was Saint Paul of Tarsus

Answer: Turkish

99.Where did you see Fancy, Spook and Choo-Choo

Answer: In Top Cat

100.In which film was the best supporting actor Oscar won in 1975

Answer:The Sunshine Boys George Burns

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