GK Questions for SSC And UPSC With Answer – SET 6

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Q1.Which Mediterranean countries orchestra is bigger than its army

Answers: Monaco

Q2.What links stags tails, pickled worms, gallstones, tomatoes

Answers: Once thought to be Aphrodisiacs

Q3.Baked beans were originally served in what sauce

Answers: Treacle – molasses

Q4.Where can you buy a copy of Penguin News

Answers: Falkland Islands

Q5.Who was the hero of the old TV cop series Dragnet

Answers: Sergeant Joe Friday

Q6.What’s involved in 20% of car accidents in Sweden

Answers: A moose

Q7.What’s unusual about evangelist Amy Semple McPhersons coffin

Answers: Contains Telephone

Q8.Who would use a swozzle

Answers: Punch and Judy man

Q9.What does a tailor do with his plonker

Answers: Press suits

Q10.Churches in Malta have two what

Answers: Clocks right and wrong confuse devil

Q11.In what month did the Russian October revolution take place

Answers: November

Q12.Nobody’s perfect is the last line in which classic comedy film

Answers: Some Like it Hot

Q13.How did Buffalo Bill stick to one glass whisky a day

Answers: Quart glass

Q14.In 1760 what means of personal transport was invented

Answers: Roller Skates

Q15.What three counties were Eliza Dolittle taught to pronounce

Answers: Hertford Hereford Hampshire

Q16.St Appolonia Patron Saint of what

Answers: Toothache

Q17.What is measured on the Gay-Lussac scale

Answers: Alcohol strength

Q18.A squid found in New Zealand had the biggest what ever seen

Answers: Eye 15.75 inches

Q19.What was the first country to guarantee freedom of worship

Answers: Transylvania

Q20.which famous person invented the cat flap

Answers: Isaac Newton

Q21.Which European country eats the most breakfast cereal

Answers: Britain

Q22.Philosopher Jeremy Bentham has a very unusual pet- what

Answers: Tea Pot

Q23.What country did Italy invade in 1935

Answers: Abyssinia – Ethiopia

Q24.Who sang the title song in the film Grease

Answers: Frankie Valli

Q25.What is produced in a ginnery

Answers: Cotton

Q26.Who sold the most albums on a single day

Answers: Elvis 20 million day after death

Q27.What was the last item shown on British TV before WW2

Answers: Mickey Mouse

Q28.What countries people had the longest life expectation

Answers: Iceland

Q29.Who said “I like Beethoven especially the poems”

Answers: Ringo Starr

Q30.What does the entire economy of the island of Nauru depend on

Answers: Bird shit – Guano fertiliser

Q31.Which country grows the most potatoes

Answers: Russia

Q32.What does a drosomoter measure

Answers: Dew

Q33.Which English Kings armour has the biggest codpiece

Answers: Henry 8

Q34.Which country was the first to abolish capitol punishment 1826

Answers: Russia Czar Nicholas Siberia instead

Q35.In law what is a co-parcener

Answers: Joint Heir

Q36.Which country owns the Hen and Chicken islands

Answers: North island New Zealand

Q37.Who created the TV series – The man from UNCLE

Answers: Ian Fleming

Q38.Which film director described actors as cattle

Answers: Alfred Hitchcock

Q39.Shirley Bassey sang three Bond themes – which 3 films

Answers: Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever, Moonraker

Q40.Barring rain – in which athletics event would you get wet

Answers: Steeplechase

Q41.Whets the difference between fog and mist

Answers: Seeing Distance under 1000yd

Q42.What did Spanish scientists fit to cows to increase milk yield

Answers: False Teeth

Q43.What people founded cheese making in England

Answers: Romans

Q44.What is the first name of Mr Toad – in Toad of Toad Hall

Answers: Thaddeus

Q45.Atephobia is a fear of what

Answers: Imperfection

Q46.Mitre Dovetail Jig and Hack are types of what

Answers: Saw

Q47.Tracey and Hepburn first film in 1942 was what

Answers: Woman of the Year

Q48.Antimacassars were fitted to chairs – what is macasser

Answers: Hair oil

Q49.Jack Ketch 1663 1686 had what job

Answers: Hangman

Q50.Nekal was the first type of what product (Germany 1917)

Answers: Detergent

Q51.Which African country was founded by Americans

Answers: Liberia

Q52.What was Britain called – before it was Britain

Answers: Albion

Q53.What part of a frog do you rub to hypnotise it

Answers: Its belly

Q54.How did multi millionaire Russell Sage save money

Answers: Not wear underwear

Q55.How was USA president James Buchanan different from all rest

Answers: Batchelor maybe gay

Q56.Marnie Nixon what Deborah Kerr Natilie Wood Audrey Hepburn

Answers: Dubbed in their singing voices

Q57.Which Italian tractor maker tried making cars in 1960s

Answers: Ferruchio Lamborghini

Q58.What first appeared on Page 1 of the Times 3 May 1966

Answer:News stories

Q59.Caruso put what in Nellie Melbas hand singing tiny hand frozen

Answers: Hot Sausage

Q60.What would you do with an Edzell blue

Answers: Eat it – it’s a potato

Q61.In Hitchcock’s film The Trouble with Harry – what was the trouble

Answers: He was dead

Q62.What was the first gramophone record made from

Answers: Tinfoil

Q63.What did George Washington soak his wooden teeth in for taste

Answers: Port

Q64.George V1 Mozart Al Jolson Casanova – which organisation

Answers: Freemasons

Q65.Who said “Its so long since sex I forget who gets tied up”

Answers: Joan Rivers

Q66.By law what can you not do in Minnesota with your washing line

Answers: Put male female washing together

Q67.Why do Tibetans grow long nails on little fingers

Answers: To pick noses efficiently

Q68.Richard Penniman became famous as who

Answers: Little Richard

Q69.What is a snood

Answers: A kind of hairnet

Q70.Who said “men are creatures with two legs and 8 hands”

Answers: Jayne Mansfield

Q71.What was made illegal in England in 1439

Answers: Kissing

Q72.What was invented by Dr Albert Southwick in 1881

Answers: Electric chair

Q73.In which country are you most likely to die from a scorpion sting

Answers: Mexico (1000 a year)

Q74.Who is the most filmed author

Answers: Shakespeare over 300

Q75.Excluding religious works what is the worlds top selling book

Answers: Guinness Book of Records

Q76.John Glen first USA to orbit earth was in which service

Answers: US Marine Corps

Q77.Oedipus was named after what – literal translation

Answers: Swollen feet

Q78.What fish can hold objects in its tail

Answers: Sea Horse

Q79.Who is the most filmed comic strip character

Answers: Zorro

Q80.Whose version of A View to a Kill reached 1 in USA 2 in UK

Answers: Duran Duran

Q81.Which pop group had a hit with Silence is Golden

Answers: Tremaloes

Q82.Greek mathematician cylinder enclosed sphere carved on grave

Answers: Archimedes

Q83.What does a psephologist study

Answers: Voting – Elections

Q84.Where would you find line of Mars – Girdle of Venus

Answers: Palm – lines in Palmistry

Q85.British call this bird species tits – what do Americans call them

Answers: Chickadees

Q86.What colour is the flesh of the Charentais melon

Answers: Orange

Q87.Who appeared on the first US postage stamps (both names)

Answers: Washington – Franklin

Q88.Who was the first person elected to US swimming hall fame

Answers: Johnny Weismuller

Q89.The guillotine was invented for chopping off what

Answers: Hands

Q90.Which country invented the bedsprings

Answers: Greeks

Q91.Whets the difference between fog and mist

Answers: Seeing Distance under 1000yd

Q92.What are Grapnel, Bruce, Danforth, Plough types of?

Answers: Anchor

Q93.Why did Handel compose The Messiah

Answers: For Cash

Q94.Red flags flown by French ships – Joli Rouge origin of what name

Answers: Jolly Rodger

Q95.in which country could you spend a Kwanza

Answers: Angola

Q96.John Henry Deutchendorf famous as who (both names)

Answers: John Denver

Q97.Who was the first Grand Prix driver to used a safety belt in 1967

Answers: Jackie Stuart

Q98.The SF award the Hugo is named after Hugo who?

Answers: Gernsbeck

Q99.Maurice Micklewhite became famous as who

Answers: Michael Caine

Q100.What do Ombrophobes fear

Answers: Rain

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