GK Questions for SSC And UPSC With Answer – SET 13

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Q1.What is the national flower of Australia

Answers: The Wattle Blossom

Q2.A nudist is Spain fined £65 – £60 for being nude and £5 for what

Answers: Having no ID papers

Q3.Adolf Hitler took nude photos of Ava Brown – What part why

Answers: Arse – so she not recognised

Q4.What links Sheffield, Edinburgh, Rome

Answers: Built on 7 Hills

Q5.What pet did Florence Nightingale carry with her

Answers: An Owl (in her pocket)

Q6.What are the worlds smallest trees – (not Bonsai)

Answers: Dwarf Willows(Greenland) 2 inch

Q7.Paul Revere was a silversmith, copper engraver and what

Answers: Dentist

Q8.What fruit did Eve give to Adam in the bible

Answers: Fig – Apple mistranslation

Q9.Gavrilo Princip assassinated who

Answers: Archduke Ferdinand

Q10.What is the only bird that can smell

Answers: Emus

Q11.An Arab horse has less what than other horses

Answers: Bones – one vertebra less

Q12.An exultation is a group of what animals

Answers: Larks

Q13.Pertussis has what more common name

Answers: Whooping Cough

Q14.Which actress was jailed in 1982 for tax evasion

Answers: Sophia Loren

Q15.In what country did red onions originate

Answers: Italy

Q16.Speed skating started in which country

Answers: Netherlands

Q17.What job did Ernest Hemmingway do in WW1

Answers: Ambulance Driver

Q18.Betty Joan Perske is better known as who

Answers: Lauren Bacall

Q19.What was the name of the Roman God of sleep

Answers: Somnos

Q20.Vivaldi the composer had what other profession

Answers: Priest

Q21.What was the final episode of MASH called

Answers: Goodbye Farewell and Amen

Q22.Joe Yule jr born 1920 became famous as who

Answers: Mickey Rooney

Q23.In what sport are Triffus, Miller and Rudolf moves

Answers: Trampolining

Q24.Albert Finney turned down which role – Peter O Tool – Oscar

Answers: Laurence of Arabia

Q25.Douglas Engelbart invented what – we all use it

Answers: Mouse

Q26.What is unusual about the nobody crab

Answers: Transparent appears No Body

Q27.Collective nouns – what group af animals are a labour

Answers: Moles

Q28.Durbarry is cream of a vegetable soup – what one

Answers: Cauliflower

Q29.What is the Australian name for a long narrow ox bow lake


Q30.Les Reed wrote which famous song for a Welsh singer

Answers: Its not Unusual – Tom Jones

Q31.Whose last words were – “That was the best soda I ever tasted”

Answers: Lou Costello

Q32.What is the common name for the astyeroidea

Answers: Starfish

Q33.Jonquil is a shade of what colour

Answers: Yellow

Q34.Vincent Furnier is better known as who

Answers: Alice Cooper

Q35.If you were severed a dish ‘belle h’elen what fruit would it be

Answers: Pears

Q36.Which acid gives nettles their sting

Answers: Formic acid

Q37.In the Hindu religion what is a Mandir

Answers: Temple

Q38.Which wine grape variety is most planted in California

Answers: Chardonnay

Q39.A paddling is a group of which animals

Answers: Ducks

Q40.From what country does the dish skordalia come

Answers: Greece

Q41.Declan McManus became famous as who

Answers: Elvis Costello

Q42.Robert Fitzroy captained which famous ship

Answers: The Beagle

Q43.Who said “I have no problems with drugs – only policemen”

Answers: Keith Richard

Q44.Which American city was named after a British Prime Minister

Answers: Pittsburgh

Q45.Spelling counts – what is the singular of scampi

Answers: Scampo

Q46.Vermicelli pasta literally translates as what

Answers: Little worms

Q47.Ernest Hemmingway, Oscar Wilde, Ranier Maria Rilke – Common

Answers: Mothers made them Crossdress

Q48.What foodwise is a Fieldlane Duck

Answers: Baked Sheep’s Head

Q49.When does a Bride walk up the Aisle

Answers: Never Aisles at side only

Q50.How did Marc Quinquadron die while setting a new world record

Answers: Food Poisoning ate 7 snails 3 min

Q51.What did the S stand for in Harry S Truman

Answers: Nothing

Q52.Women 375 – 1 Men 1400 – 1 chance of doing what

Answers: Living to 100

Q53.What colour is Octopus blood

Answers: Blue

Q54.A Rafter is a collection of what creatures

Answers: Turkeys

Q55.In Maryland it is illegal to maltreat which creature

Answers: Oyster

Q56.Apart from man what is New Zealand’s only native mammals

Answers: Bats

Q57.Wo Fat was the enemy of which TV detective

Answers: Steve MacGarett

Q58.Who entered a contest to find his own look-alike and came 3rd

Answers: Charlie Chaplin

Q59.What colour is worn for funerals in Egypt

Answers: Yellow

Q60.What country excludes women from the graveside rituals

Answers: China

Q61.March 21st to April 20th is what Star sign

Answers: Aries

Q62.Viscum Album provides an excuse for stealing what

Answers: A Kiss (its Mistletoe)

Q63.A haboob creates what

Answers: Sandstorm – Desert Wind

Q64.Felix Salten wrote which Disney cartoon

Answers: Bambi

Q65.Nephologists study what

Answers: Clouds – Meteorology

Q66.What is the name of the four holy books of the Hindus

Answers: The Vedas

Q67.Pat Sullivan created which cartoon character

Answers: Felix the Cat

Q68.What is the national flower of Mexico

Answers: Dahlia

Q69.The Pindus is the main mountain range in what country

Answers: Greece

Q70.What animal always gives birth to same sex twins

Answers: Armadillo

Q71.Hans Christian Anderson had what job before writing

Answers: Actor

Q72.What colour is named after a battle fought in Italy in 1859

Answers: Magenta

Q73.In Scotland what was the tawse

Answers: Teachers Strap or belt

Q74.Which authors books are most borrowed from libraries

Answers: Catherine Cookson

Q75.What do you add to vegetables to make the dish salmagundi

Answers: Duck or Chicken

Q76.What does hours d’oeurve literally mean

Answers: Out of course hence Extra Dish

Q77.Nossa Senhora da Aparecida is the Patron Saint which country

Answers: Brazil

Q78What airline used to be called Dobrolet

Answers: Aeroflot

Q79.The Acropolis – what does the word literally mean

Answers: Highest point (of acity)

Q80.What is a Dolly Varden

Answers: Large Hat

Q81.Terrance Nelhams became better knows as who

Answers: Adam Faith

Q82.Dick Turpin the highwayman served and apprenticeship as what

Answers: Butcher

Q83.What is the main food of the Oyster catcher bird

Answers: Mussels

Q84.In which cop show did Petrie and Isbecki appear

Answers: Cagney and Lacey

Q85.In the Bolshoi ballet what does the word Bolshoi mean

Answers: Big

Q86.What is a geoduck

Answers: Clam

Q87.What is Sean Connery’s real first name

Answers: Thomas

Q88.What nationally was Mata Hari shot as a spy

Answers: Dutch

Q89.Who said – Toe err is human – But it feels divine

Answers: Mae West

Q90.Names – Baker – Cook Smith easy – what did a Chandler do

Answers: Make Candles

Q91.What plant was named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow

Answers: Iris

Q92.Which sailor dreamed of Toasted Cheese in Treasure Island

Answers: Ben Gunn

Q93.Who played the girl on the motorcycle in a film of same name

Answers: Marianne Faithful

Q94.What writer was paid $5 for writing thanks

Answers: Rudyard Kipling

Q95.What sort of animal is a fennec

Answers: Desert Fox

Q96.Why two car thieves caught trying to sell stolen car in 1976

Answers: Tried to sell to owner

Q97.Billie Holiday, James Dean, Eva Peron, Janis Joplin – Common

Answers: All were Prostitutes

Q98.What subject Ben Franklins letter to Royal Academy – Brussels

Answers: Perfuming Farts

Q99.Reginald Carey became famous as who
Answers: Rex Harrison

Answers: Spicy Sausage

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