GK Questions for SSC And UPSC With Answer – SET 12

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Q1.Name the actor who played Ben Casey (both Names)

Answers: Vince Edwards

Q2.What links Elvis Presley, Bruce Willis, Richard Gere

Answers: Married in Las Vegas

Q3.What – advertised phrase “Even your best friends wont tell you”

Answers: Listerine mouth wash

Q4.Who wrote Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched

Answers: Aesop – Milkmaid and her Pail

Q5.Last Words I am Dying with the help of too many Physicians

Answers: Alexander the Great

Q6.Who composed Peter and the Wolf in 1936 (both names)

Answers: Sergai Prokofiev

Q7.Who painted the Water Lilly Pond in 1899 (both names)

Answers: Claude Monet

Q8.Magazine wrote “Fighting for peace” is like fucking for chastity

Answers: Knave March 1977

Q9.In what film was line A mans gotta do what a mans gotta do

Answers: Alan Ladd Shane

Q10.Which famous whore said – God is love but get it in writing

Answers: Gypsy Rose Lee

Q11.In Hamlet who is Ophelia’s father

Answers: Polonius

Q12.Guru Nanak founded which religion

Answers: Sikhism

Q13.What was unusual about the Gossamer Albatross aeroplane

Answers: Man (pedal) powered

Q14.What country is nearest to the North Pole

Answers: Greenland

Q15.If you were in Lou Grants office what city are you in

Answers: Los Angeles

Q16.What city is known as The worlds chocolate capital

Answers: Hershey Pennsylvania

Q17.What is detective Hercules Poirot’s brothers name

Answers: Achille

Q18.To what family does the hippopotamus belong

Answers: Pig

Q19.Smith most common USA name what’s second

Answers: Johnson

Q20.Who secretly married Sara Lowndes in November 1965

Answers: Bob Dylan

Q21.What phantom ship is said to haunt The Cape of Good Hope

Answers: The Flying Dutchman

Q22.In which city is the worlds oldest tennis court from 1496

Answers: Paris

Q23.What word appears over 46000 times in the Bible

Answers: And

Q24.What food dishes name translates as pepper water

Answers: Mulligatawny – from India

Q25.In 1891 what city held the first weightlifting world championship

Answers: London

Q26.What dinosaurs name translates as roof lizard

Answers: Stegosaurus

Q27.In which country did Turkeys originate

Answers: USA

Q28.What is Radar from MASH home town

Answers: Ottumwa – Iowa

Q29.In Macbeth what witch speaks first

Answers: The first witch

Q30.What fabled monster has a lions head and a serpents tail

Answers: Chimera

Q31.Who steals the Pink Panther in the original film

Answers: The Phantom

Q32.What is Challa

Answers: Bread – often plaited

Q33.Cher Ami saved the Lost Battalion in 1918 what was it

Answers: Pigeon

Q34.Whose girlfriend was Virginia Hill – he killed her B Hills 1947

Answers: Bugsy Siegel

Q35.What is the oldest known alcoholic beverage

Answers: Mead

Q36.From what country does the Elkhound originate

Answers: Norway

Q37.An isohel on a map joins place of equal what

Answers: Sunshine

Q38.A Regatta is a boat races – where was the original Regatta

Answers: Venice

Q39.In England what would you buy or get at a Mop Fair

Answers: Servants for Hire

Q40.Who was the little gentleman in velvet – death William III

Answers: A Mole

Q41.The Marie Celeste sailed from which port

Answers: New York

Q42.In Milton’s Paradise Lost what was the lowest point of Hell

Answers: Pandemonium (Hells capitol)

Q43.Pat Reid wrote which book – filmed and TV often

Answers: The Colditz Story

Q44.How was William Huskinson killed in 1830 – first ever

Answers: Run over by Railway Train

Q45.In which country is Zug

Answers: Switzerland – smallest Canton

Q46.What was the Grammy album of the year in 1967 (Full name)

Answers: Beatles Sergeant Peppers

Q47.McLean Stevenson played which character in MASH

Answers: Colonel Blake

Q48.Which company slogan was “We’re No 2 We try harder”

Answers: Avis rent a car

Q49.Who said the quickest way of ending a war is to lose it

Answers: George Orwell

Q50.5 items a Sikh must have Comb Dagger Hair Metal Bracelet and

Answers: Knee lengthundershorts 5Ks

Q51.Man shall not live by bread alone – Which NT book

Answers: Matthew 4.4

Q52.RL international car registration plate which country

Answers: Lebanon

Q53.Which dinosaurs name translates as double beam

Answers: Diplodocus

Q54.Which SF author wrote The Day it Rained Forever

Answers: Ray Bradbury

Q55.Who said “The die is cast” (on crossing the Rubicon)

Answers: Julius Caesar

Q56.Jenny Von Westphalen was married to who

Answers: Karl Marx

Q57.What city is closest to Copacabana beach

Answers: Rio de Janeiro

Q58.Who wrote the music for the film ET (both names)

Answers: John Denver

Q59.In Greek legend what was Pygmalion’s kingdom

Answers: Cyprus

Q60.What was the first penal colony in New South Wales

Answers: Botany Bay

Q61.Who wrote Private Lives – 1930 – Blyth Spirit 1941 (both names)

Answers: Noel Coward

Q62.For which company did Elvis Costello program computers

Answers: Elizabeth Arden

Q63.In what Hitchcock film did Shirley MacLaine debut in 1956

Answers: The trouble with Harry

Q64.The original Peeping Tom had what job

Answers: Tailor

Q65.What song is sung the most

Answers: Happy Birthday

Q66.The Mbuti tribe in Africa are the worlds what

Answers: Shortest race

Q67.Grace Metalious wrote which famous novel (and TV show)

Answers: Peyton Place

Q68.Who said Old age isn’t so bad – considering the alternative

Answers: Maurice Chevalier

Q69.Who composed the opera Billy Budd in 1951 (both names)

Answers: Benjamin Britain

Q70.What film was a California cinema showing when it went on fire

Answers: The Towering Inferno

Q71.In what magazine does Alfred E Newman appear

Answers: MAD

Q72.What amateur Reached Wimbledon Semi final in 1977

Answers: John McEnroe (aged18)

Q73.Who said Politics is the art of the possible 11 Aug 1867

Answers: Otto Von Bismarck

Q74.What advertised phrase Born 1820 still going strong

Answers: Johnnie Walker

Q75.Hugh O’Brian played the lead in what Old Western series

Answers: Wyatt Earp

Q76.CH car international registration plate which country

Answers: Switzerland

Q77.Who said – Give us the tools and we will finish the job Feb 1941

Answers: Winston Churchill

Q78.In The Marriage of Figaro – who did Figaro marry

Answers: Sussanah

Q79.What state was founded by Mohammed Ali Jinnah

Answers: Pakistan

Q80.What nationality are the most immigrants to the USA

Answers: Mexican

Q81.In 1986 Graceland was the Grammy album of the year – who’s

Answers: Paul Simon

Q82.Bob Cummings played which character (both names)

Answers: Maxwell Smart

Q83.Complete advertising phrase from 1935 My Goodness

Answers: My Guinness

Q84.Who said – “The bigger they come the harder they fall” 1899

Answers: Bob Fitzsimmons

Q85.What is Lolita’s surname in Vladimere Nabokovs novel

Answers: Haze

Q86.From what country does soave wine originally come

Answers: Italy

Q87.Antipater of Sidon first listed what 2nd Century AD

Answers: 7 Wonders World

Q88.What are Limerick, Round Bend, Aberdeen and Octopus

Answers: Fishing Hooks

Q89.What fluid ran through the Greek Gods instead of blood

Answers: Ichor

90.Who is Oscar, Zoroaster, Phadrig, Isaac, Norman,Henkle,

Answers: Wizard of Oz Emmanual, Ambrose Diggs

Q91.Who was captured and kept in a cage by Stromboli

Answers: Pinocchio

Q92.Which USA record producer played maracas Stones 1st album

Answers: Phil Spector

Q93.Who was nicknamed The Brocton Bomber

Answers: Rocky Marciano

Q94.Name the Hotel in Arthur Haley’s novel / film of same name

Answers: St Gregory

Q95.Frank and Jesse James father had what job

Answers: Minister

Q96.Edward Teach became famous as who

Answers: Blackbeard the Pirate

Q97.To which dog was a statue erected in Edinburgh

Answers: Greyfriers Bobby

Q98.What does a Puissance event test in showjumping

Answers: High Jump wall

Q99.Who wrote the music to the film The Odessa File

Answers: Andrew Lloyd Webber

Q100.Which Dickens novel features Waxford Squears

Answers: Nicholas Nickleby

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